Why choose Giftcloud?

We pioneered the use of reward campaigns

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Choice of Content:

Giftcloud works with the widest range of retail partners and brands globally.

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Campaign Management:

Each campaign has the support of a dedicated account team who will work with you to develop innovative ways to acquire and retain customers.

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We can demonstrate an increase in customer acquisition using rewards, rather than discounting your product or offering cashback.

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Giftcloud's reporting portal gives you real-time access to campaign performance, allowing you to make adjustments to your campaign to maximise ROI.

Our gift card rewards

Here’s a taste of our most popular gift cards. We’re adding more all the time.

What our clients say

Talk Talk

Giftcloud and AWIN exceeded our expectations with their proposal and really pushed the boundaries on traditional placements with a highly structured plan to deliver on all of our KPIs. Following various commitments, the implementation and execution of the campaign was subsequently very tightly managed and everything was delivered as promised with some impressive results. As a result, we continue to drive more and more campaigns through these channel.

Online Marketing Manager
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Simply Business

Giftcloud provide us with a flexible service with a very simple and user-friendly customer experience, whilst increasing our visibility on fulfilment and our ability to manage customer queries quickly and effectively

Head of Acquisition


OVO began working with Giftcloud in 2016. Since then we have run campaigns across friend referral, gestures of goodwill and staff rewards. Working with a digitally-focused company like Giftcloud has provided us with an excellent customer-service focused platform, that minimises customer issues and provides an outstanding user journey. Over the last year, we have been able to offer a wide variety of rewards to our customers with reliability and ease.

Senior Marketing Manager
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